Venari Vision

At Venari Vision we bring together the best VR/AR/MR technologies, BIM and LiDAR reality capture with our VR/AR production talent to create immersive collaboration and training tools to increase our client's productivity for BIM and design. Our technological impact on our customers business helps them to capture more of their own customer's projects and increase their revenue. Venari Vision is also focused on V/A/M Reality for SaaS platforms. We integrate high production value VR/AR/MR content and SaaS distribution for this content with our customers core competences in mind. Construction Safety training being just one example. Our work results in additional monetization vehicles for our customer's existing content and services through the rapidly growing
VR/AR and MR technologies.

Our companies in VR/AR/MR and BIM!

The Molecule - Partner in
VR Production

Founded in 2005 with the goal of leveraging new technologies to bring the impossible to life onscreen, the Molecule has grown to become one of New York’s biggest post success stories. Recent high-profile projects include HBO’s Ballers, Netflix’s Master of None, TriStar’s Money Monster, and Universal’s The Purge: Election Year.

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Reality Capture - LiDAR

Venari Vision creates VR/AR/MR applications for Oculus Rift, GearVR and Google Cardboard, we draw upon a wide variety of data types and use them to create representative 3D model assets.  This data most often comes from software – from BIM data to engineering models to scratch-built assets from 3DS Max or Maya or it can come from reality capture.

In many cases, where physical objects or spaces exist, captured 3D scans of reality can be very useful as a basis for virtual reality environments for a wide variety of use cases, from visualization, architectural prototyping, archiving, tourism, retail and much more.

Venari Vision employs 3D environment scanning to support our projects with Matterport, but have also partnered with the pros at Falcon Engineering and Nexus 3D to accommodate more advanced, detailed and larger scale scans that include drones with LiDAR scanning. 


Matterport for AEC and MEP

Go into your next MEP or Safety Kickoff or Toolbox presentation with a secret weapon: Matterport 3D Showcase. Offer the latest 360 and VR technology to win over your audience. 

Create a connection
True 3D virtual construction site tours help stakeholders create an immediate, lasting immersive connection to the project because they can experience the construction site as if they were really there.